Trivia Quiz

Elected Leaders

1. Paul Rhinehart was our Senior Class President.

2. Ted Gatanis was Student Council President in 1967-68.

3. John Jordan was President of The National Honor Society.

4. Charlie Agnew was our Sophomore and Junior Class President.

5. Bill McGill was our Freshman Class President.

Student Activities

6. Jeanie Boyd was Homecoming Queen our senior year.

7. Carol Seeney was Prom Queen in 1968.

8. Jeanie Boyd and Suzette Randall were the Cheerleading Co-Captains.

9. Sandy Nelson was Head Majorette.

10. Beverly Lewis was Feature Twirler, Roland Polk was Drum Major and Debbie Bozarth was Drum Majorette.

11. Mr. Knorr, who died in 1968, coordinated the class play.

12. Judy Adams was Editor-in-Chief of the Sentinel Yearbook.

13. Dennis Garbini was Editor-in-Chief for the weekly newspaper, Eagle.

14. Andrew Melnick and Arthur Cohen were Directors of the Pennsville Band?

15. Florence Fowser and Bill Hyatt were our class couple.

School Administration

16. Nelson Beebe was Principal.

17. Robert White was Assistant Principal.

18. Calbert Welliver was Superintendent of the Pennsville School District.

19. Clay Mason and Mary Ann Martell Mason were our two class advisors.

20. George Isaac was our Guidance Counselor.

Academic Leaders

21. Anita Sendrow was our Valedictorian.

22. Judy Adams and Janice Berrian were our two Salutatorians.

23. Tom Sommers was the only person to have a perfect 4.0 report card in 1967-68.

24. Charley Agnew and Bill Hyatt were our representatives to Boys' State.

25. Jessie Leslie, Reggie Farro, Anita Sendrow and Carla Pickering were our representatives to Girls' State.


26. Pennsgrove was the only team to beat the 1968 Pennsville football team which went 8-1.

27. Lou D'Angelo was head coach of the 8-1 Pennsville Eagles in 1967.

28. Bill Hankins was named to the All-State football team during our senior year.

29. Arlene Gillon was captain and MVP of the 1967-68 girl's varsity hockey team.

30. Paul Rhinehart was captain of the 1967-68 men's basketball team.

31. Marie Harmer was captain and MVP of the 1967-68 girl's basketball team.

32. The 1967-68 Pennsville Wrestling team went 12-0 and won the District Championship.

33. Gregzie White became Pennsville's first Wrestling State Champion in 1968.

34. Frank Estadt won the Michael Harmer Memorial Award in 1968.

35. Eight members of the 1968 Pennsville Wrestling team won District Championships.

36. Craig MacPherson coached the Pennsville indoor track team in 1968.

37. The Pennsville Cross-Country team had its first season in the Fall of 1967.

38. John Myers was head coach of the 1968 Tri-County Champion Pennsville baseball team.

39. Lou D'Angelo and Craig MacPherson were the two coaches of the 1968 track team.

40. Vance Rea was coach of the boys and girls tennis team.

41. Steve Mortimer was the MVP of the first Pennsville Cross Country team.


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